Sketch A Day – 365 day Drawing Challenge – Round Up #2

This drawing challenge has been awesome! I am loving the variety of topics and the encouragement for creativity that results from having a daily task to accomplish. It’s very motivating, and I am so pleased with the results! If you haven’t yet subscribed to my portfolio site or ‘Liked’ my Facebook page, please do so to get immediate updates whenever I publish a new sketch! :)

Here are a few of my favorite sketches from the challenge:

Day 4 – Romance

Day 5 – Euphoria

Day 6 – a Self Portrait

Day 11 – An Advertisement

Day 12 – An Illustration of Stick Figures

Day 12 – Alone

Day 14 – Agony

Day 17 – Forever

Day 19 – Good vs Evil

Day 20 – Christ Loves Everyone

Day 22 – Music – Kurt Bestor

Day 23 – Shooting Stars

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Sketch A Day – Drawing Challenge 365 Days

I have begun a drawing challenge to help strengthen my skills as an artist. So far I am on day 3 and I am relishing the challenge of doing a quick sketch a day. It’s tough to do (thus the challenge ) because between working a full-time job, working on art commissions, teaching art lessons, service projects, spend time with my husband, furbabies, nieces & friends, phewf! It’s tough to squeeze in anything extra, but it needs to be done! Because practice makes perfect – right? ;)

Here are my 3 sketches so far, please consider following my progress and join in too! If you decide to try the challenge – I’d love to follow you! Add the link to your blog in a comment below!

Day 1 – Draw one of your friends

Day 2 – a tragedy

Day 3 – Draw a celebrity

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A Fine Feline Friend – Sir Winston


A few weeks ago, a friend of ours lost her beloved feline companion, Sir Winston. He was just 2 years old, and passed away under very unusual circumstances. He was never left alone for very long, well taken care of, and very much loved. As with all of my paintings I create for others, I hope and pray this painting may give some comfort to her and her family, as a treasured memory of one they loved so dearly. ♥



I know that it must be different,
now that I am no longer there.
I realize how much I was loved
and how all of you did care.

I know it will be hard at first
when you look around for me.
Expecting to find me in my bed
or beside my favorite tree.

Someday you will begin to see
although it’ll take some time,
the happy times you shared with me,
the memories are yours and mine.

I’ll remember you, my friends,
and how much you meant to me.
So please don’t grieve and don’t be sad,
it was just my time to leave.

Reference: This poem was written by Kim, from Jacobi to Denise, one week after his passing, as “A note from Jacobi

Oh Henry – That Face :)

Yesterday I felt like doing something just for fun. I’m currently working on a commissioned painting, for a dear friend who lost her beloved cat. I’ve had my mind wrapped so much around drawing & sketching people, I felt I needed to do an exercise sketch, of an animal. So I thought I’d do one of my favorite pup, Henry! :)

This little guy has been such a good ‘therapy dog’ for me. He gets me out in the sunshine regularly throughout the day, he helps me keep my mind off of me, and more on serving others. He helps me keep a routine, and also helps me go to bed early and rise up early in the morning!

I’m not a mother yet, so I sure am grateful to have Henry and my cats to help me practice caring for a little one, and thinking less about myself. I’ve come across this meme many times, and I just love it:


“You can easily judge the character of a man,
by how he treats those who can do nothing for him. “
— James D. Miles

I feel like Henry gives so much more to me than I give to him. What is so endearing to me about Henry is how he is SO loving. Even when I get upset with him, he still just wants to love me – like it was his mission on earth to just love me unconditionally. :) ♥ I think the quote above is so true, and I hope to shape my character to be entirely selfless someday, and completely and unconditionally love everyone. I think Henry is doing a good job of helping me get there. :)